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Introducing The Considerable Journal

The Considerable Journal's mission is to bring relevant scientific findings closer to people who seek evidence-based paths to integral well-being, by providing briefed, straightforward expositions of scientific research regarding mental and physical health, relationships, habits, and more.

The Considerable Journal believes that science is a powerful resource that can help guide us through life. Science can portray reality through meaningful interconnections, causalities and breakthroughs. Research can bring us closer to understanding the world, ourselves and others in a deeper way.

This project was inspired by the abundance of relevant, promising and applicable research, which unfortunately goes largely unknown by the general population. Several of these under-recognized findings have the potential to create effective change in people's lives.

While working on my thesis, I had the privilege to work with several ground-breaking scientific studies regarding chronic pain and our mind's ability to reduce it. There were many times in which I felt both thrilled due to the promising advances in science, and discouraged due to the distance between these findings and most people's lives. Even if the numbers were there, almost no one knew about them. I made it my mission to bring scientific findings that are relevant to life and well being (including chronic pain, but not limited to it) closer to people in an easy, briefed format, in order to facilitate the spread of knowledge that has the potential to improve lives.

Why Considerable? The adjective considerable stands for something "great in amount, size, importance, etc" (Oxford Dictionary), making it fitting for this project. The exposed findings are considerable both in their magnitude (they have scientific significance), and their relevance to real life in our journey to integral well-being.

As Bertrand Russell states, “the good life is one inspired by love and guided by knowledge”.

In that spirit, The Considerable Journal seeks to contribute to the quest of a life full in meaning, knowledge, health, and connection.

-Maggie Stilman

Founder & Editor


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